I live a very fast paced life, it’s what I like to keep my mind busy. It was working for a long time and then came this virus, this quarantine, this month really. This month made me slow it down, made me stay home, and made me uncomfortable. I’ve found some ways to keep me occupied but a lot of my time is still empty and it’s starting to drive me crazy. With this quarantine seeming to get longer not shorter I worry I will need more things to do, or rather more self control. I will challenge myself to stay off the tv and get a few hours of productivity in first, I need to change something!  Challenging myself to write everyday this month was hard. It’s was a true challenge to make the time to come up with something and post. But it was worth it, taking the time to reflect on something, on whatever came to mind was nice. It felt good to create and express myself in writing. I hope I continue to find time to write and express myself.


White  Fluffy Thin Perfect for my claws  If I’m quick enough I can swipe one  And stick it with my claws  Success I have got it  Now I can chew all I want  Ew why is this stuff coming off  More fun to play with my paws  Toss it this way Chase it and throw it that way  Back and forth  This is fun  Oh no!  My brother saw me  Better hide it quick  And save the fun for later  A little poem about one of my kitties playing with a qtip. Enjoying watches my cats and their daily endeavors and tricks. 


Today we found out my boyfriend doesn’t have coronavirus, it must just be a really bad cold, yay!! Getting that phone call was a nice start to our day, making us feel thankful for being healthy(ish) and still have a flow of income. I don’t know how long this will last but for now we will enjoy our blessings. I got to snuggle with my favorite dog Gus, my family’s schnauzer who we’ve had since 2008. I wish he lived with me everyday but my parents would never part from him. I get my dog time in when I visit my parents, and I know Gus loves it just as much as I do. He is glued to my side the minute I walk in the door, just like old times. It’s so special to have these connections with animals and being able to feel they remember you and appreciate the time together. I’m thankful for all the furry friend that make up that slice of my life. 

Kitty cuddles

Kitty cuddles Getting sleepy time for a quick snack munch munch munch till my belly is full now I have a happy belly  I can rest  where is the warmest spot where is the most comfy spot this spot has too much stuff this spot had too much movement here is my brother he looks pretty comfy I bet he won't mind if I squeeze in there let me lick him a little first to be less suspicious just giving my brother a groom now I can lay down and act like I need a better angle to clean his face ahhh the perfect spot I'm kind of helping him out if you think about it he got groomed and now all my fur will keep him warm he's lucky I decided to nap here golly I'm tired  time to close my eyes A little piece from the perspective of my cat Leo, what I imagine goes on his head ;). 


Growth is Ever changing  Evolving  Adapting  Accepting  Recognizing your faults  Realizing when enough is enough  Good  This is a time of growth, taking this time to find what I enjoy. Learning to love and be kind to myself. Accepting the changes that are happening and adapting to what life throws my way. Knowing when I’m wrong and taking advice from my loved ones. Realizing when I’ve done all I can and accepting it’s good enough. Growth is good, it’s a reminder that there’s something to work towards. I hope everyone else is taking some time to grow during these times of uncertainty. Taking some time to find the peace. 


My boyfriend, who had a liver transplant and takes immunosuppressants, has been pretty sick the past week or so. His doctor told him it was a cold and he took some antibiotics and started feeling a little better but then his chest started feeling worse. After numerous phone calls to the doctor continually complaining about pain and symptoms he was transferred to the COVID-19 hotline for the dr office but then they said his symptoms weren’t severe enough. Next day and he can’t sleep because his chest hurts so bad, so again we call and they finally decide he can call the main COVID-19 hotline to be further approved for testing. This morning that was an hour and a half long wait to be spoken to. Then more questions to see how severe his symptoms were or how likely was to have gotten it. They decided it’s possible and recommended he get tested. We left shortly after the phone call, picked up his sister who also had a liver transplant and has not been feeling well either, and headed to

Mom love

A mother’s love So unique and special  For my family we each love each other differently  Unconditional but we all show it in our own ways  For my mom and I, were so similar  So similar we butt heads a lot  But that also means we have a lot in common  Always having someone to share my food with  To split the meal at dinner because we like the same things  The person who makes me arroz con leche when I need cheering up  My sweet tea sharer  Pecan pie partner  My shoulder to cry on because mom gives the best hugs  Her hugs heal  She knows all the answers  And gives the best advice  My love for my mom is infinite