Mom love

A mother’s love
So unique and special 
For my family we each love each other differently 
Unconditional but we all show it in our own ways 
For my mom and I, were so similar 
So similar we butt heads a lot 
But that also means we have a lot in common 
Always having someone to share my food with 
To split the meal at dinner because we like the same things 
The person who makes me arroz con leche when I need cheering up 
My sweet tea sharer 
Pecan pie partner 
My shoulder to cry on because mom gives the best hugs 
Her hugs heal 
She knows all the answers 
And gives the best advice 
My love for my mom is infinite 


  1. What a lovely tribute to your mom! It appears you two have a very special bond. I can tell you cherish every element of her, strengths and weaknesses.


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