Plant struggles

Anyone else out there plant owners?? I’m kind of a new plant owner, I’ve managed to keep about 5 plants alive and well for almost a year. This is not an easy task for me, I’m prone to forget all things and usually forget to water etc. somehow I have managed to remember these plants. But sometimes I still forget.

Like yesterday when it started raining and I was like wow this is so nice and peaceful I’m going to lay here and enjoy it. And then my boyfriend got home and it was raining harder and I was like wow it’s raining so hard I hope my plants are okay (totally not thinking about it) when he reminded me hello!!! They’re going to drown!!! 

I have never put on boots and a rain jacket quicker. I ran outside and began hauling my plants in, water dripping from them already. Once I got them all inside I realized I brought a small lake in and scrambled to find towels. I gave two towels, a hand towel, and a tshirt to the cause. Everything was drenched and there was still some extra water, but my plants were okay. 

Today they seem to have made it through another mishap, showing me how strong they are. I’m impressed these plants haven’t died and I’m not sure which it shows more: how good I am at having plants or how strong these plants are! Either way, I’m glad to have these healthy plants :) 

Here are my lovely tough plants


  1. Looking good! It is hard to take care of plants. I have trouble too.

  2. Your plants look great! I've been wanting some indoor plants myself! It might have to be venture during this quarantine.

  3. I'm a plant person, but only those planted in the ground. I can't keep any plant alive that is in a pot. But when you stick a plant in the ground, I can just leave it for God to take care of.


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