Puzzle day


Making a picture whole 
Takes a lot of time 
It can be like a leisurely stroll 
A time of peace and quiet 
While you find the right spaces 
Mindlessly making connections 
Or looking to the box for the places 
Puzzle making with others is fun 
Two is always better than one 
My favorite puzzle partner 
Together we complete the picture 
And make each other whole 

Today’s quarantine activity was a puzzle, started not finished of course. We chose a 1,000 piece puzzle because we like a challenge and enjoy things that take days to finish. We even bought a table just to put this puzzle on to complete, we get a little obsessed with our activities, haha. I love these activities that we’ve began to do together, I’m thankful it’s bringing us closer and stronger. 

Tomorrow is my last day of peace before I begin working school into my schedule again. I’m hoping to have my days go a little something like this 
9-10 wake up and have breakfast 
10-11workout/get ready 
11:30-3 school work (breaks as needed) 
3-4 read or write/ more schoolwork 
Not sure what my day will look like in the afternoon is usually end up doing school work all night as I please while I watch tv. Hopefully get to bed by 11 most nights. 


  1. The poetic nature of this slice is playful, yet romantic. You can hear your reflection in this line, "I’m thankful it’s bringing us closer and stronger." There is always a silver lining. Enjoy your puzzles with your loved one.


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