Puzzles again

Y'all, I guess you can call me puzzle lady now. We finished our last puzzle in I think two days (??) which I am pretty impressed by, it was a 1500 piece puzzle! So before our city goes on lockdown we had to make a quick run to the store to get more puzzles of course,Walmart was sold out so we ran out (literally) and then stopped by Barnes and Noble. We ended up buying puzzle sorting trays, a roll up mat, and two puzzles... because go big or go home right? One of the puzzle is a cute cat puzzle that just has little cat breeds and their pictures so of course I chose that one, it's 1000 pieces but a lot of pink so we'll see how long this one takes. The other one we chose is a nice garden shed puzzle, 2000 pieces so it should be a challenge.

I'm loving this puzzle thing we have going on right now, much better than sitting mindlessly in front of the tv (which is totally what I was doing before this). I even ordered some puzzle glue on amazon so we can make this puzzle official and frame it and everything! We'll see how long before I actually frame it but at least I have the idea.

Today was also the first day of online lecture via Zoom and it was awesome! I missed seeing my teachers face and getting to head her advice, it was a nice refresher and got me excited to start school again. Now I just need to keep this motivation going!

Sideways picture of the puzzle because I don't know how to flip it!


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